Hi, I'm Pars SARICA, 8 years old, learning computer programming & playing games. Today 2021-07-29.


Scratch 2021 October Super paint
Python 2021 August Math 3n+1 problem calculator
Python 2021 April greatest common factor
Golang 2021 March learning power of numbers
Golang 2021 March factorial code. i changed code to iterative function.
js/html 2021 June antenna focus formula
js/html 2021 June learning pi and distance, wheel turning calculation
js/html 2021 June pi, distance learning 2
Scratch 2021 April 2 black holes colliding
Scratch 2021 April Explosion nova
Scratch 2021 April 3D story
Scratch 2021 April Milky Way + Andromeda = Mikydromeda
Scratch 2021 February Password Generator
Scratch 2021 April 3D city with pen!
Scratch 2021 March Elevator
Scratch 2021 March Auto tank
Scratch 2021 February Newton balls
Scratch 2021 February Windows PC
Scratch 2021 February Simple physics
Scratch 2021 January Jeep
Scratch 2021 January Math platformer
Scratch 2021 January Maze generator
Scratch 2021 January Long game
Scratch 2021 January Detailed race game
Scratch 2020 November Tank
Scratch 2020 October Platform in the list
Scratch 2020 September My other scratch projects